Sugar Shock

When your dentist recommends that you limit your daily intake of added sugars, what exactly, is the limit? According to the American Heart Association, the daily allowance for added sugars in the average 2000 calorie diet is 25 g or 6 teaspoons. One 12 oz can of Coca Cola has 39 grams! 😳🥤 <>

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A Treatment to Cover White Spots

Many patients have white spots on their front teeth from hypocalcification during tooth development, fluorosis, or even early cavity lesions.  One great option to reduce the appearance of these white lesions is to use a technique called Resin Infiltration, which may eliminate the need for drilling and more extensive treatments like placing a filling or veneer over the tooth.  Treatment usually includes whitening the teeth first, then the teeth are pumiced and etched prior to applying the resin.  The resin is cured and the white lesions will continue to blend over time.   (Some deep lesions may need to be treated more than once.) For further reading, check out this article: <>

Check out the Before and After photos from the Icon manufacturer's website:

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How to properly floss

This first video describes flossing basics, and the second video has a great tip for finger placement (at the end of the video) so that you can more easily incorporate flossing into your daily routine.

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